Aircraft Mechanic Education Requirements

A person specialized in maintaining an aircraft is known as an Aircraft Mechanic. They are also commonly known as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. In order to be known as an Aircraft Mechanic an individual has to obtain a certificate, which is delivered by the FAA (Federal Aviation Association). This is a very risky and a reliable job. Candidates are trained on how to take safety measures while working on an aircraft. On the other side they are trained to do their work with perfection as the aircraft’s safety is in the hands of Aircraft Mechanics. In the first year of the course the basics of aviation is been taught. Candidates learn about the mechanics, propulsion, mechanical system, electrical system, etc

Aircraft Mechanic Education requirements

  • A candidate must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.
  • A candidate should have a practical experience of eighteen months working on power plants or airframes or a practical experience of thirty months if functioning on both at the same time.
  • A candidate must possess a licence to work on an aircraft. There are different licences available to work on a different part of an aircraft.
  • A candidate must pass a series of mandatory tests and this should be done within twenty-four months.

Aircraft Mechanic Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Candidates can choose among the following degree courses:

  • Graduation from FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer certification.
  • Airframe Certification or Avionics Repair Experience from the US Military or Avionics Manufacturers or different industries related to it.
  • A repairman’s certificate by FAA.

Aircraft Mechanic Qualifications and training

A candidate needs to be proactive and have first-class hand-eye synchronization. An applicant is should be an expert in handling the parts of an aircraft. While in training a candidate is taught on how to work in critical situations. A candidate should love aircrafts because physically it is very difficult to work on an aircraft because few of the mechanical systems and squeezed in to small places. While in training a candidate has to develop a detailed understanding of different theories like engine propulsion, hydraulic systems, navigation systems, electrical systems and many more.

Aircraft Mechanic Colleges and Universities

Aircraft Mechanic Wages and Salary

The expected salary for an Aircraft Mechanic is between $50,000 and $75,000 annually. This also depends on how experienced a candidate is and the number of hours he is working.

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