Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic Education and Job Requirements

Aircraft Airframe / Structural Mechanic Requirements

An Aircraft Airframe or Structural Mechanic need to handle maintenance of an aircraft like repairing, replacing the worn out old body parts, clean the aircraft, and follow aircraft safety standards. The Aircraft Airframe or Structural Mechanic needs to be aware of all equipments used in any aircraft and know how to handle them. They need to work in coordination with other members like Shop Avionics Technicians and Aircraft Engine Mechanics.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates must at least complete graduation in fields like aviation, mechanics, physics, etc. Subjects like mathematics and computers also help to grasp the technical details, maintenance, and repair of an aircraft.
  • A diploma, part-time course, or full-time training can also help prospective employees gain an edge over the others.
  • Candidates with Aerospace engineering perfectly fit the role of an Aircraft Airframe or Structural Mechanic.
  • Candidates need to get appropriate certification and license to work as an Aircraft Airframe or Structural Mechanic.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must be aware of safety procedures followed while working and operating aircrafts.
  • They need to easily understand training manuals and work with blueprints, graphs, etc.
  • They need to be good at handling the equipments with excellent hand-eye coordination.
  • They need to work under tight deadlines and be flexible to work at anytime during the day.
  • Candidates need to have good technical skills to apply sound engineering techniques.
  • Candidates need to avoid causing any flaw in the system; otherwise it can turn to be fatal.

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