Air Traffic Controller Education Requirements

An air traffic controller is a person who accelerates and maintains an orderly and secured flow of traffic in the air. A person who works as an ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is required to have unique and special skills. ATC’s are trained to keep a watch on each and every aircraft and help them stay apart so that they can move freely in their designated sector of airspace. This profession is regarded as the world most challenging career for an individual. Air Traffic controllers have major responsibilities on their shoulders and this job is can be notoriously stressful as one has to keep a watch on different variables like traffic volume, weather, configuration, equipment, etc. Knowing the fact that they have to take challenging decisions under stress, they are very highly paid.

Air Traffic Controller Education requirements

  • The candidate must have mathematics and science as their core subjects.
  • The candidate must enrol himself/herself in one of the 14 education programs that are recognized by FAA.
  • The candidate has to pass the FAA pre-employment test with a minimum score of 70 C.
  • The candidate should have a four-year degree in air traffic control or have a work experience in aviation related job for three or more years or the combination of both can also apply.
  • Must be able to speak and understand English clearly enough to be understood over radios and intercoms.

Air Traffic Controller Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An Air Traffic Controller must undertake following certification courses and degree program in order to add weight to his work credentials and resume.

  • Bachelors’ degree in Air Traffic Controller.
  • B.S in Air Traffic Management.
  • M.S in Aeronautics – Air Traffic Management Specialization.
  • Civilian Air Traffic Controllers’ licence through ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
  • Air Traffic Controller Terminology Certification.

Air Traffic Controller Qualifications and training

An Air Traffic Controller can add on to his qualification through undergoing hands on training. An air traffic controller has a stressful job and he is trained accordingly. They are trained to take accurate and important decisions very quickly without any errors. ATC’s are also trained to use Radar controllers. This makes their job more stressful as radar controller work at semi-darkness.

Air Traffic Controller Colleges and Universities

Air Traffic Controller Wages and Salary

When you become an Air Traffic Controller the average salary would be $80,000 per year and if you work in the same position the salary would go as high as $100,000 per year. This also depends on the number of hours you work.

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