Air Marshal Education Requirements

Air Marshal’s education should be such that it covers every aspect of the job. One of the mandatory requirements that you should consider while planning for air marshal education is that, to pursue your air marshal career you have to have a three years of work experience. The Air Marshals are the personnel, who work for the security of the people on passenger flights and ensure that the flights are safe for travelling by investigating it for any terrorist or anti-human activity. Hence their education must equip them with all these skills and qualities that can help them complete their job successfully.

The Air Marshal education should equip a candidate with the required traits which will help them to face their challenging work conditions with ease. An air marshal education program must emphasize on developing the mental as well as physical strength of the candidates to prepare them for the strenuous work conditions.

Air Marshal  Education Requirements:

  • An Air Marshal must have passed high school with excellent marks in the any stream.
  • An Air Marshal must be a graduate in any stream.
  • He must also build on his education record by participating in various diploma and training programs concentrating on developing the necessary skills for the job.

Air Marshal  Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An Air Marshal needs to undertake the following degree programs and certification courses in order to add an edge to his work credentials:

  • High school degree with high academic credentials
  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream but bachelor degrees in criminal justice are given preference
  • Candidate must attend the Air marshal 15 week training program which work on development of skills like aircraft safety procedures, arrest procedures, communication techniques, aviation first-aid and firearm tactics, international law and defensive measures.

Air Marshal  Qualification and Training:

An Air Marshal can add on to his qualification through hands on training in the related field of during the internship and training programs offered by various courses as it will build up their confidence and will give the required exposure to develop their skill set for their career. This kind of training are very important as they develop the professional attitude in a student and make him ready to take the challenges of the professional life and at the same time equip them with necessary tools and skills to face these challenges successfully.

Air Marshal  Colleges and Universities:

Air Marshal  Wages and Salaries:

Air Marshal can make around $30,000 – $60,000 per year depending on their performance, dedication, sincerity and experience.


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