Air Force Education Requirements

The air force education is mandatory for all who are interested in enlisting themselves in this career. There are various career choices within this field that ranges from an Air Force Pilot to a health care professional. There a number of steps that needs to be followed for all those aspiring to establish in this industry. The air force military have a number of educational requirements in the form of general exams and training programs. Besides that, the candidate must also qualify in terms of age, substance abuse history, moral character and other such related issues. Proper certificates need to be provided so as to ensure proper qualification.

Air Force Educational Requirements:

  • The candidate must be a high school graduate with an average GPA. There are also some military based air forces that allow GED holders to qualify as long as their scores are exceptional.
  • There are no such specific college or university degrees that need to be pursued in this field.
  • The first step involves taking a general exam which is called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The score attained from this exam determines whether the candidate is qualified for the next step or not. The score attained is called the Armed Forces Qualification Test Score. The candidate must score at least a 36 out of a 99. The GED holder must score above 65 in this exam.
  • The candidate needs to enroll in the Reserve Officer Training Corps program in order to establish themselves in specialized jobs as a commissioned officer.
  • In case of Health Care Professionals, the candidate must first have proper degrees from medical schools before enlisting in the air force. A five week training course must be followed after enlisting.

Air Force Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High School Degree with average GPA or a GED with an above average percentage
  • Certification from ASVAB with at least 36 out of 99.
  • Certification from ROTC for commissioned offices—12 weeks.
  • Certification from Commissioned Officer Training–5 weeks.

Air Force Qualifications and Trainings:

The training is part of the course and enlisting program whereby the candidate must select the particular field within the air force and should undergo the necessary training process after which he will be placed in the respective fields.

Air Force Colleges and Universities:

Air Force Wages and Salary:

The air force salary can range from $10,910 to $22,110 per annum along with a great number of perks.


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