Air Force Pilot Education Requirements

Air force pilot needs to accomplish certain stages that encompass either knowledge training program or aptitude test prior acquiring the job position. To acquire this position one need not have to acquire conventional degree as such. However, to join at US Air Force the candidate has to complete undergraduate program in any subject from an accredited college or university. The requisite diploma or degree on any discipline would make the candidate eligible for participating in various Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.

The concern candidate need to pass all these stages by securing the cut off percentage or above than that. This would signify that the particular person is eligible to participate in Air Force Pilot Training Program.

Air Force Pilot Education Requirements

  • Under-graduate degree or diploma in any discipline is the basic requisite for acquiring a job position of an Air Force Pilot. This helps the candidate to learn the basic facets of the job.
  • After completing graduation, the candidate should successfully pass the entry level  Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. This makes him eligible to participate in pilot slot where he is shifted to the next stage i.e introductory flight screening.
  • IFS is a stage where knowledge related to aviation orientation is imparted to the candidates for a duration of 40 days.
  • The next stage is Euro-nato Joint Jet Pilot Training where the candidate is absorbed as joint international military for flight operation.
  • Finally stage is JSUPT program which make the candidate acquaintance with the range of aircrafts used by the air force military in operation. On successful completion of this stage, the candidate is actually acknowledged as an Air Force Pilot.

Air Force Pilot Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Certification of AFOQT- a scholastic aptitude test
  • Certification of IFS( Introductory Flight Screening) – Duration 40days
  • Certification of ENJJPT– Duration 54 weeks
  • Certification of JSUPT- Duration 52 weeks

Air Force Pilot Qualifications and Trainings:

The candidate can have training on various pilot tracks like Bomber or Fighter Track, Multiengine Turboprop, Tanker Track etc. Extra qualifications could be gained by undergoing a series of intensive programs on the preferred track of operations.

Air Force Pilot Colleges and Universities:

Air Force Pilot Wages and Salaries:

During the probation they get a stipend around $10,991 per annum. After completing all the stage successfully the Air Force Pilot salary ranges between $30,000 -$45,000 in a year.

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