Agronomist Education and Job Requirements

Agronomist Requirements

Agronomists are scientists of soil and plants who come up with new ways to improve plants and soil texture. They guide farmers in land usage and improve crop growth as well as yield. They tackle problems with regards to crop and soil too. Agronomists consult farmers regarding problems as well as conduct research on soils and plants. Sometimes they specialise in a particular plant growth as well as particular crop yield. For example one may learn and study better growth patterns of rice, another may focus on eliminating disease of crops and one may have knowledge of pesticides or even the recently developed organic farming.

Education Requirements

  • A four year degree in agronomy or even soil conservation will suffice.
  • A graduate degree is the main requirement in most areas but a masters degree is the requirement of many firms
  • A candidate should have experience in conservation work helps too

Job requirements

  • An agronomist must have thorough knowledge of varied plants as well as crops diversity.
  • He must be able to handle several diseases and increase crop yield and growth
  • They must have an experience of interacting with farmers  and solving their problems
  • He must have past knowledge of handling fertilisers, pests as well as chemical pesticides.
  • He must have knowledge of working in food as well as fibre industries too

Thus, if one acquires the above skills regarding the job and education of an agronomist, getting a job will be pretty simple.

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