Agriculture Research Scientist Education and Job Requirements

Agriculture Research Scientist  Requirements

The job of an agricultural research scientist involves a host of responsibilities as the working arena is of multidisciplinary nature. As the title suggests, it involves extensive handling of data and different records. An agricultural scientist performs both qualitative and quantitative research to study in depth and prescribe further the development of the field of agriculture. The concerned person works for an R & D organization, public or private. The points enumerated below would aid a firm to choose the right candidate for this post.

Education requirements:

  • A first class bachelor’s degree in biological sciences/chemistry/geosciences.
  • A first class master’s degree in biological sciences/chemistry/geosciences.
  • A diploma in analytical software packages is preferable.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 2 years in a reputed organization or institute as an agricultural researcher.
  • The interested candidates must possess extensive knowledge of chemical analysis of various agro-based matters.
  • He/she must have skills to carry out advanced experiments in laboratories to test the quality of soil and agro-products.
  • The applicant should be aware of the environmental regulations to run an agro-based business and also must apply proper safety norms while doing the research.

The above-specified points are important for an organization to recruit the right candidate.

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