Agriculture Officer Education and Job Requirements

Agriculture Officer Requirements

An agriculture officer has immense responsibilities which fall under his ambit. He has to supervise the basic aspects of agriculture like the production of crops as well conduct field trips and provide on-site advice. His or her job requires not only the correct sort of training but also a sufficient degree of experience in the practicalities that are involved in such a post.

Education Requirements:

  • The post of an agriculture officer requires a suitable degree at the graduation or even the post graduation level
  • The candidate must also be required to give the necessary entrance examinations like administrative examinations in order to be granted this post in cases when it falls under government service.
  • A certain level of field work will be required to be successfully completed before the candidate is assigned his job location or training posting.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must be physically adept at withstanding long hours of field work, which can be draining and exhausting especially in tropical climates.
  • An agriculture officer must be familiar with local customs and modes of plantation in order to yield maximum produce.
  • The candidate must also be able to communicate well and be fluent in the local language. If necessary he or she might be asked to produce certificates proving the same.
  • The officer must also be able to keep records and maintain accounts which form the clerical part of his or her job.

Following these education and job requirements the candidate may discharge his duties properly.

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