Agriculture Education Requirements

Agriculture deals with food production and farming. An agriculturist not only devotes his time to farming but also analyses the crop, the climate and the possibilities of business growth with relation to the crop that he is growing. The job of an agriculturist in not always field related. There are various kinds of jobs available in the market that is related to agriculture.

The jobs related to agriculture would be an agriculture scientist, an agriculture professor, an agriculture credit executive for a bank, a senior agriculture officer, an agriculture banker, agriculture field associate, a dean, an instructor, a technician and much more. The various educational qualifications that would be required by an agriculture industry candidate would be the following:

  • Candidate should be a Major in Agriculture education
  • Candidate should be a masters in Agricultural science
  • Candidate should be a graduate in agriculture
  • Candidate should have had science throughout his student life
  • Candidate should have certification in agriculture education
  • Candidate should be a bachelor of agriculture sciences

The requirements and the degrees are different in different universities and countries of the world. The job requirement would necessitate experience or fellowship with scientists and agriculturists. The educational qualifications vary with the job profile of the candidate.

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