Agricultural Chemist Education Requirements

Candidates who have interest in chemistry and want to obtain a career in the field of agriculture would find the perfect blend in the career option of an agricultural chemist. Candidates as agricultural chemists should try to obtain good research skills as they will be spending lot of time in conducting agricultural trials to improve crop varieties though the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Candidates who would opt to prefer for the career option of an agricultural chemist should try t obtain education in agricultural chemistry with additional courses in crop variety and safety.

The students who would like to become agricultural chemists should try to obtain work experience in the field of agricultural chemistry to gain credibility and put forth as the best candidate for the position of an agricultural chemist.

Agricultural Chemist Educational Requirements

  • For the initial level positions, candidates should at least complete their graduation in agricultural studies.
  • For higher level positions, candidates are recommended to complete their research or master degree from prestigious agricultural institutions. By this candidates can strengthen their candidature and their ability to increase their salaries.
  • Candidates should have good knowledge in botany, chemistry, environment, etc and mix the concepts from all these subjects for the development of crop yields.

Agricultural Chemist Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates who would like to join relevant courses in order to aim for the career option of an agricultural chemist can look for the following courses from recognized universities:

  • Bachelor of Science – Environmental Sciences
  • MA in Agriculture
  • Master of Science in Chemistry
  • MS in Environmental Policy and Agricultural Studies
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Chemistry

Agricultural Chemist Qualifications and Training

Candidates, in addition to the regular courses, can gain certifications in fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Such courses can be very beneficial to contain the harm done to plant varieties. Candidates should develop good research and analytical skills in order to execute their responsibilities as an agricultural chemist well.

Agricultural Chemist Colleges and Universities

Agricultural Chemist Wages and Salaries

Candidates who have interest in pursuing the career option of an agricultural chemist should try for job opportunities in Chemical manufacturing, research and development, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture firms, etc. According to the salary estimates given out by Pay Scale and released in the form of the National Salary data, the annual salary of an agricultural chemist ranges between $35,000 and $97,000 per annum. The median salary is around $66,000 per annum.

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