Aeronautical Engineer Education Requirements

A field which is a part of aerospace engineering and deals with the applying of physics, mathematics and other related subjects so as to build aircrafts and outer space vehicles is known as Aeronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer may require to fulfil certain mandatory educational requirements to get a suitable job.

For example, he/she is supposed to complete aeronautical engineering from a recognised college followed by training and license courses to get a respectable job at a desired position.  This field is complex and requires not only knowledge and education but also a keen interest in the dynamics of aircrafts etc. Given below are the aeronautical engineer education requirements which shall help people to understand this field better.

Aeronautical engineer educational requirements:

  • In order to become an aeronautical engineer, one compulsorily needs to pass high school with specialisation in Physics, chemistry and Mathematics.
  • An aeronautical engineer needs to obtain the aeronautical engineering degree from an accredited college.
  • A master’s degree in the same discipline may also be required in some cases where the job position demands better understanding of the field.
  • Apart from formal education, one needs to have thorough understanding of the subject as well as a keen interest in the field.

Aeronautical engineer degrees, courses and certifications:

Any individual who wishes to become an aeronautical engineer must fulfil certain degree and certification requirements. The following are the compulsory requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering.
  • A program to earn a license as an aeronautical engineer from an institute like accreditation board of engineering and technology.
  • After graduation in this field, a person has to take two examinations and 4 years of working experience so as to become a licensed professional engineer (PE).

Aeronautical engineer training and qualifications:

An aeronautical engineer may surely earn the degree and license by completing the formal education, but to get a job in this field, he/she may also require an internship or training in an aeronautical school or with the airport authority of the country. The training period may enrich him/her with the required experience and formal exposure.

Aeronautical engineer colleges and universities

Aeronautical engineer wages and salaries:

The average median salary of a person who is working as an aeronautical engineer in a company or governmental organisation is $100090. This figure may vary and depends upon the exact work nature or structure of the company.

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