Advertising Planner Education and Job Requirements

Advertising Planner Requirements

The advertising planner is an important part of the advertising team. He is accountable for carrying out research on the habits and needs of the public and evaluating substance or programming to know the uses of an advertisement. Advertising planners are those who plan the entire process of creating an advertisement and decide the kinds of persons who are influenced by the various modes of the campaign. In brief, such planners make sure that the endorsements of the customers come into view in the right time as well as place.

Education Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in liberal arts is preferred by all firms.
  • A master degree in the same major is considered as a bonus.
  • An MBA may be acquired too as negotiations are needed to be done while on the job.

Job Requirements

  • Prior knowledge of accounts and management acquired by work experience helps a lot.
  • The advertising planner should have a thorough understanding of the product to be advertised.
  • Figuring out the potential audience is a part of the job. Understanding the mental make up of the prospective viewers is also important.
  • Having good skills of communication and writing is a part of the resume objective.
  • Understanding the type of advertisement that will have the impact on the target audience. In this regard, an advertising planner must be able to segregate audiences based on their age and social background and then plan the advertisement accordingly.

The above skills and educational qualifications must be acquired in order to get a good job of an advertising planner.

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