Advertising Manager Education and Job Requirements

Advertising Manager Requirements

An advertising manager is required to possess not only the requisite skills in his area of specialization; he must also be equipped with the ability to troubleshoot and the ability to think of his feet. The job of an advertising manager is challenging and thus only the proper skill set can ensure a competent performer.

Education Requirements:

  • An advertising manager must be a graduate in advertising related field.
  • He must possess a post graduate degree with specialization in advertising related subjects.
  • It is an added advantage if the candidate also holds a degree of a course in animation or graphic designing or some such related course as a supplement to the existing degrees.

Job Requirements:

  • The job requirements of an advertising manager include his managerial responsibilities as well. Among the soft skills he is expected to have the ability to manage his personnel or the people working under him.
  • An advertising manager is also expected to contribute substantially to group discussions and have a varied idea of the trends in the market and the products that they cater to as well.
  • An advertising manager must also possess excellent communication skills which are such an asset in this field. He must be able to convey his point with the minimum of efforts and space. This is a huge skill in advertising.
  • A candidate must have good leadership as well as motivational qualities as he will be having a team of employees working under him.

These are some of the skills that an advertising manager requires.

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