Advertising Executive Education and Job Requirements

Advertising Executive Requirements

Advertising executives are those who work in the field of advertising, organising and handling customer accounts. Main duties vary according to different firms as well as fields, but generally advertising executives handle advertising promotions and marketing, original design, and communal relations. Advertising executives work in firms that create advertisements, and hence act as a connection between the customers and the organization.  They are accountable for creating links between the customer and other organization staff to organize the publicity campaigns. Advertising executives must contact clients on a daily basis in order to create friendly links.  They direct managerial and campaign jobs, making sure that everything is done at the right time and place.

Education requirements

  • The candidate must be a graduate in advertising related field.
  • The person must possess a post graduate degree with specialisation in advertising related subjects.
  • Any other diploma or certificate in the related filed will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Job Requirements

  • He must have good skills in writing and communication
  • He must have good organisational skills
  • He must be able to work with all sorts of clients and solve their demands
  • His appearance must be pleasing yet professional.
  • He must be able to handle work pressures and meet deadlines, not skip them
  • Travelling to far off places must not be a problem for him.
  • He must create good links between the form and the client
  • He must handle the client well and discuss possible upcoming projects with the client.

The above qualifications and job requirements are sufficient to get the job of an Advertising Executive.

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