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An advertising director education requirement will not only include understanding of the creative aspects of advertising but also knowledge of marketing, branding, strategy, and all this needs to be complemented with years of experience. Apart from the experience aspect, some of the other key aspects include the type of client portfolios handled, the size of clients or firms handled, the various responsibilities undertaken, analytical and strategic capabilities, and role played and decisions taken in a team based environment. The advertising director education is the first and foremost aspect as it will help you to begin your career in advertising but education will not directly catapult you into the position of a director.

Advertising Director Education Requirements:

  • The first step towards advertising director education is completing your high school degree with good grades.
  • It is important to pursue an under graduate program. In order to become and advertising director, you don’t need to focus on multiple areas or specific areas. You can complete your education in fine arts and become an advertising creative director or complete an undergraduate program in marketing and become an advertising marketing/media planning director.
  • On completion of the under graduate program, you can also pursue masters of business administration to fuel your career growth in the advertising industry.
  • There are quite a few certificate programs as well and depending on the area of advertising that you want to focus in, you can choose the necessary course.

Advertising Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

In pursuit of a career as an advertising director you will need to meet specific educational requirements of various advertising agencies and media companies. The education should also be complemented by work experience within the industry. The following educational requirements are important:

  • High school degree
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Marketing Management / Bachelor of Media Communication / Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Certification Programs in Branding and Brand Management

Advertising Director Qualification and Training:

You will derive theoretical knowledge as well as practical or hand-on experience through the various programs or courses that you complete including your under graduate courses and certification courses.

Advertising Director Colleges and Universities:

Advertising Director Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of an advertising director in the US varies from $109,200 to $242,432 annually while the median expected salary is $167,944. The average salary of an advertising director can vary from one organization to another like the average salary at Americatel is $82,500 while the average salary paid by Yahoo is $187,154.

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