Advertising Art Director Education and Job Requirements

Advertising Art Director Requirements

Advertising art directors are the main creative heads of the firm as they  are accountable for producing ground-breaking ideas for publicity campaigns in all types of medium, including: television, press digital, radio, posters, and direct mail. These Art directors work along with any copywriter as a resourceful team’ and centre on the visual appearance and sense of the campaign. An advertising art director focuses on a concise set by the customer and is concerned at every phase of the creation process. The limits between the jobs of an art director as well as copywriter are definitely more blurred as of now, with both the persons having a hand in creating the content of any content, whether visible or audible or both.

Education Requirements

  • He must have a basic degree in graphics design or a diploma in advertising, art or even illustration design.
  • A master degree in advertising also helps in acquiring work.
  • He must have some firsthand training in the work.

Job Requirements

  • Such a person must be very creative naturally.
  • The candidate must have great knowledge in designing and production.
  • His communication and interpersonal skills must be good.
  • The candidate must be able to work well with a creative team and have good leadership qualities.
  • He must have good knowledge of fashion as well as latest trends and keep the customers interests in mind.

The above job and education requirements are sufficient to get a good job in the above field.

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