ADFS Certificate Requirements

ADFS certificate is a web related soft certificate which is required to access servers and for connecting the clients to the web. There are two types of computer systems as far as web is concerned. One is client which accesses the services and the other is server which provides the services. ADFS (Active Directory federation services) certificates are required on the client computer systems to authenticate the secure socket layer (SSL), as this authentication will help the client to access the web pages it intends to access. These are security related issues, where all the computer systems are secured through certificates, and only certified authenticated systems are allowed to access information. ADFS certification is generally required for the client server session of web enabled servers. These certificates help in encrypting the sessions between the client and server and hence ensure secure transfer of data.

Requirements for ADFS certificate

  • To obtain an ADFS certificate, the server is required to run Microsoft windows server service.
  • After installation of Windows server (preferable server 2008 or above),ADFS version 2.0 is required for installation.
  • Under the ADFS 2.0 federation server configuration wizard, a new federation service is required to be configured. This ADFS 2.0 federation server configuration wizard helps in installing ADFS service, which turns the computer system into the federation server.
  • Then you are required to create a new federation service with load balancing and high availability by selecting the new federation server farm option from the wizard.
  • All the set up that is developed as per the above mentioned steps, will redirect the computer system towards the generation of the SSL ADFS certificate.

Key points related with ADFS certificate requirements

  • To apply for ADFS certificate, Microsoft Management console is required. Only this console can be used to generate ADFS certificate.
  • If ADFS is being installed on a web based server through SSO login, then ADFS certificate can be obtained in wither of the two ways – through a public certification authority, or through a corporate certification authority.
  • If additional ADFS components are being installed, you do not need more ADFS certificates for new installed components. One computer system requires only one ADFS certificate for all the ADFS components installed on it. These components can simultaneously use same ADFS sign in.
  • To obtain an AFDS certificate, you must export the private encryption key for the original ADFS component and it can be deployed for any number of additional ADFS components on an ADFS enabled system.

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