Acupuncturist Education and Job Requirements

Acupuncturist Requirements

An acupuncturist’s job primarily deals with therapeutic treatment of the patients. The acupuncturist coordinates with the physician in this regards. He/she has to be licensed medical personnel and works in a public medical center/hospital or for a private medical organization. The relevant physical disorders in the patients are treated with the insertion of needles at the significant locations by the acupuncturist. Further details about the education and job requirements for this post are given below.

Education requirements:

  • A graduation in biological science/anatomy from a reputed college.
  • Certified diploma in acupuncture courses is compulsory.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in a trusted medical organization.
  • The interested candidates must have deep knowledge about curing various diseases via acupuncture.
  • The candidates must have an analytical bend of mind to do the scrutiny of previous medical records of the patients and draw correct inferences.
  • He/she should have good application based knowledge of various kinds of therapeutic treatments.
  • The concerned person must be aware of side effects, if any, of a particular therapeutic treatment.
  • Should coordinate well with the personal physician of the patient.

The above mentioned details are quite helpful for a medical organization to employ the correct person.

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