Accounting Continuing Education Requirements

Accounting is a field where one can choose many types of roles either in the government or corporate sector where they are responsible for checking and verifying various financial documents of a person, organization or the government. In order to do the job effectively, the accountant needs to have the right knowledge of this field, the various, rules, norms and changes that takes place in the regulations governing accounting.

Hence there are many professionals that opt for continuing education either to update their knowledge, to upgrade their certification, renew their license or to adhere to the state board’s continuing education requirements to be able to practice. These education requirements can vary from state to state.

Accounting Continuing Education Requirements:

  • Make sure you approach an educational institute which is accredited and recognized by the AICPA and then enroll in their accounting continuing education program
  • These courses have their own training programs, university or college classes and also let you take part in trade association conferences
  • You have to complete at least 120 hours of coursework in most programs although they may differ from place to place

Accounting Continuing Degrees, Courses And Certifications:

The candidates can choose to pursue the following courses:

  • Certificate Program in Accounting
  • Accounting for Controllers
  • Accounting for Financial and Business Analysts
  • Certificate on Accounting Fraud and Ethics
  • Accounting single courses and certificates

Accounting Continuing Qualifications And Training:

Accounting continuing education mainly deals with brushing up one’s knowledge or updating his skills to renew their licenses by studying the latest developments in these fields and most of the certificate courses in continuing education deals with specialized knowledge of the subject in some areas.

Accounting Continuing Colleges And Universities:

Accounting Continuing Wages And Salaries:

The average salary in this field can be from $61,000 to $107,000 besides bonuses, depending on the person’s experience.

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