Account Representative Education Requirements

The job of account representatives is to ensure the regular relationship of the company and its customers. The account representative introduces the services of the company in front of customers and gets client deals to improve the profitability of the firm. The account representative also ensures that the interests of the customers are rightly taken care of and all customer complaints are duly addressed. To become an account representative, candidates should have background education in client service, accounting, sales and marketing, promotions, advertising, etc. Candidates are also expected to have a proven expertise in managing client needs and meeting company demands. The following given information is related to the educational and training requirements for the position of an account representative.

Account Representative Educational Requirements

  • Candidates would have to complete their high school training and secondary school training with good grades.
  • Then candidates should appear for courses that build up the knowledge of a person in customer account management. Candidates can look at business management courses with specialization in marketing.
  • Candidates should improve their ability to convince and negotiate deals with their clients.
  • Excellent communication skills and customer service skills are mandatory attributes of becoming an account representative.

Account Representative Degree, Courses, and Certifications

The following given courses are mostly opted by candidates who are seriously considering the job of an account representative. They are:

  • MBA – Management Concentration
  • DBA in General Business
  • Master of Business Administration in Management
  • PhD in General Business
  • BS in Business Administration

Account Representative Qualifications and Training

Interested students can get a graduate certificate done in account management or sales and advertising. Such courses are very beneficial to students and add value to the profile of the students. Candidates should prefer doing them from recognized institutes that are officiated to the board of management education. Candidates can also do the training courses while working on a part time basis according to their schedule and convenience.

Account Representative Colleges and Universities

Account Representative Wages and Salaries

Candidates would find opportunities to work as account representative in industries such as insurance, banking, insurance brokerage, health insurance, printing and imaging solutions, etc. Candidates who would foresee working as account representative in the near future can earn anywhere between $24,000 and $62,000 per year. The median salary of an account representative could be $42,000 approximately. These salary estimates are given out by Pay Scale and represented in the form of National Salary Data.

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