Account Planner Education Requirements

Candidates who want to become account planners are assigned with the responsibility to look after particular accounts that are of importance to a company. The accounts are related to various customers and the account planner must manage the budgets and costs related to that customer account. Candidates who are likely to set up a career in account planning should pursue courses in accounting, business management, marketing, advertising, etc. The role of account planner in available in financial institutions and in marketing companies. Candidates should be able to derive profits from the customer account. They should have good communication skills, negotiation skills, and customer service skills. The following are essential education requirements to become an account planner.

Account Planner Educational Requirements

  • Candidates should complete their school education with good marks and then appear for entrance examinations to enroll into courses like management, accounting, etc.
  • Candidates should be prepared to coordinate with customers and build long term relationships with them as part of the customer service management of the firm. So these skills will be essential and help a candidate perform his job responsibilities well.
  • Candidates should set stages while executing the project with the client and must rate the service provided to them vis-à-vis the budgets generated through that account.
  • Good planning skills, coordination skills, management and marketing skills are needed to fit into the role of an account planner.

Account Planner Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates should opt for the following courses if they want to become an account planner:

  • Master of Arts and Advertising
  • Master of Business Administration
  • BS in Accounting
  • Graduate Course – Business Administration
  • BS in Business Administration – Accounting

Account Planner Qualifications and Training

Account planners should be well qualified and preferably have a certificate in accounting, management, etc. Although not mandatory, it is preferable to have an internship certificate showing work experience of serving a client as a representative of a firm. Showing tangible results of gaining business from clients and confirmation mails of good service provided to them would be immensely valuable for the career of the account planner.

Account Planner Colleges and Universities

Account Planner Wages and Salaries

If one wants to work as an account planner, the preferable sectors to look for job opportunities are advertising agencies, marketing and media management firms, internet advertising firms, information management, market research, etc. According to the estimates by Pay Scale and released through the National Salary data, the annual compensation of an account planner ranges from $33,000 to $102,000 with the average hovering around $63,000 per annum.

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