Account Payable Clerk Education

Account payable clerk education requirement revolves around strengthening the skill sets pertaining to accounts payable transactions. The primary job function of an account payable clerk is maintaining accurate accounts records and facilitating timely payments. Apart from this, secondary job functions include tracking invoices, logging in paid invoices, assisting the accounts payable staff in other functions, and creating purchase order reports among others. Hence, it is very important that account payable clerk education focuses on these core areas and functions so that it is easier for aspiring candidates to pursue the career of their choice. Educational qualifications play an important role during job applications.

Account Payable Clerk Education Requirements:

  • The primary educational requirement to pursue the career of an account payable clerk is a high school degree or GED. The minimum high school grade point average to enroll for an associate degree in accounting is 2.35. Alternatively, if you have ACT math’s score of 17 or higher then also you will be eligible. Some colleges prefer ACT scores while others prefer grade points.
  • The second important educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. You need to enroll for an undergraduate degree program in finance or accounting from a reputed university or college. Alternatively, you can apply for an associate degree in accounting which demands completion of 60 semester hours comprising primarily of accounting coursework.

Account Payable Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

You can pursue an account payable clerk career once you have completed the required education. The following educational qualifications are normally required by hiring companies:

  • High school degree or GED
  • Bachelor’s of Accounting
  • Associate of Accounting
  • Thesis on accounting

Account Payable Clerk Qualification and Training:

If you are planning to pursue a career in accounts or finance and want to start as an account payable clerk then and undergraduate program or associate program will offer the education you require. Apart from this, you can gain hands on experience by opting for an internship program. As a part of an internship program, you will get to work with an actual account payable clerk and other staff and gain important insights into the job responsibilities.

Account Payable Clerk Colleges and Universities:

Account Payable Clerk Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of an account payable clerk in the US varies from $26,222 to $41,874 annually while the median expected salary is $33,840. The average hourly wage of an account payable clerk can vary from $10.34 to $18.53 per hour in the US and overtime pay can vary from $14.93 to $27.57 per hour.

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