Account Analyst Education Requirements

An account analyst needs a strong background in finances in order to be successful in its job. It is a job which involves computing and calculations of the highest order, and thus, a solid education, at least till graduation, in accounts, economics, finance or other allied subjects is a necessity. An account analyst must also preferable be a post graduate so that his job profile is boosted. In fact, most companies prefer to recruit post graduate degree holders in order to improve their financial services. An account analyst’s education, thus, plays a major role in ensuring that he is hired by the best companies, and that he can quickly ascend the ladder of professional success.

Such an individual must also be involved in other aspects of his job which include computing, filing of complex reports, investigative accounting and so on. Apart from formal education, this job also requires considerable amount of on hand training and such training can also be acquired from various job specific training courses. Hence, for true success and competition, an account analyst must possess an in depth formal education as well as professional qualifications.

Account Analyst Education Requirements:

  • He must be a graduate at the very least in the field like Accountancy, Economics, Statistics.
  • An account analyst must possess excellent computing skills, including proficiency in the needful accounting software like TALLY or BUSY.
  • Such an analyst must also possess sufficient knowledge of market trends, and business processes through involvement in various workshops, seminars or courses.

Account Analyst Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An account analyst must possess the following degrees and certifications in order to be successful in his job:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce-Economics, Accounts
  • Master’s degree in Commerce- Actuarial Science, Finance and Financial system, Accountancy
  • Certification in Computer basic.
  • Certification in Tally or BUSY

Account Analyst Education Qualification and Training:

An account analyst is required to be highly qualified in certain aspects of his job like industrial bookkeeping, investigative accounting, and analytical skills with an emphasis on financial matters and so on. This can be obtained through the correct training which can be gained either through degree courses or through in house training courses.

Account Analyst Education Colleges and Universities:

Account Analyst Education Wages and Salaries:

An account analyst can earn anything between 30,000USD to 50,000USD at the entry level per annum, to over 100,000 USD after gaining experience and recognition.

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