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An academic administrator is a professional who is responsible for carrying out administrative tasks like designing school curriculum, designing school policies, leading an educational institution as principal or dean. Hence, the education for such candidates must be focused around education administration and education concepts. These professionals lead education systems and are responsible for introducing new and innovative policies in education to make it more relevant yet interesting.

The education programs for these candidates must focus on inculcating the basic fundamentals of education and emphasize on highlighting the importance, right technique and appropriate subject matter for the students. Academic administrators play a very significant role in the education system; hence their own education should cover all aspects related with teaching and education administration.

Academic administrator Education Requirements:

  • These candidates must complete their high school diploma with good grades.
  • The potential academic administrators must then enroll for higher education with degrees in education and management or any other related streams.
  • These candidates must also possess experience in teaching and dealing with students, so that they can understand the frame of mind of candidates.

Academic administrator Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become an academic administrator a candidate must possess following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, education administration or any related subject.
  • Master’s degree in education administration, education psychology, educational leadership, K-12 education administration or any related subject.
  • Doctorate level degree in educational administration or in any specialized subject related with education administration.
  • Short term certificate or diploma level courses like – The Diploma in School Efficiency, Diploma course in Work Management and Administration course, or Diploma in School Procurement.
  • These candidates are also required to obtain a teacher’s credential by passing the relavant certification exams.
  • These candidates are also required to obtain the school administrator license generally offered by state regulation bodies.

Academic administrator Education Qualification and Training:

The job of an academic administrator needs quite good experience in teaching or completion of specially designed internship programs for prospective administrators, to make them understand the school environment and students psychology. These training are equally important as the classroom study for the academic.

Along with these, these candidates must exhibit various personal qualities and skills like excellent communication skills, high level organization skills and orientation towards details, creativity, innovation etc.

Academic administrator Education Colleges and Universities:

Academic administrator Education Wages and Salaries:

Academic administrators are highly paid professionals who earn up to $45,000 – $85,000 per year.



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