3d Artist Education Requirements

A 3d artist may work in various fields such as he/she may work as a medical illustrator whose work is to help in creating anatomy images for research and diagnostics works in a medical field. A 3d artist may use sculpture for making models and on the other hand use a computer for giving graphic details to animation characters of a movie.

A 3d artist may learn sculpture on self basis or with the help of a successful sculpture artist. Further in case of digital media, they may require a degree in computer designing.

3d artist’s requirement is increasing nowadays as he/she works in the areas of digital media and computer gaming, etc. Most of the 3d artist may have their offices at homes as they use computer for designing purposes. In case of medical illustrations a 3d artist may require to have a good knowledge of biology.

3d Artist Education Requirements:

  • Candidates looking for the job of 3d artist require high school diploma with subjects including computer sciences and biology if pursuing the science stream
  • These candidates can go for a bachelor’s degree in area of computer design, technical drawing and animation
  • These candidates should have good designing skills such as they can be sculpture artists and should be good in handling computer designs.

3d Artist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Those candidates opting for a career as 3d artist can go for the following degree and courses:

  • High school diploma
  • Associates degree of 2 years along with the certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer design, technical drawing and animation
  • A medical illustrator can go for bachelor’s degree in biology and art
  • Courses related to sculpture and graphic designing
  • There are also masters degree in computer design and biology

3d Artist Qualifications and Training:

A 3d artist should have degrees in the area of computer designing and technical drawing, further they need to have some training prior to joining their job. A 3d artist can conduct his or her practice at a personal level by preparing sculpture models and by working on computer designing for their clients.

All these candidates can prepare a portfolio of their drawings and replicas of their models, so that a production house at the time of selecting them, have a good basis of knowing the work level.

3d Artist Colleges and Universities:

3d Artist Wages and Salaries:

The market for 3d artist is increasing at a high rate as the requirements of medical illustrators and media artists are becoming much higher. A 3d artist salary may vary from $28,000 to$58.000 and may even rise up to $95,000.

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