3d Animator Education Requirements

A 3d animator is the person who works in various fields ranging from animation movies to computer games, or from web site designing to graphic detailing, etc. A 3d animator is responsible for creating animation characters in a movie using special effects and may also help in the creation of an interactive storyline.

A person looking for the job of 3d animator must be good in the entire field related to film production such as acting, lighting, cinematography, creating animal and human motion, etc.

Those candidates who have completed their graduation and want to enter the field of animation movies and games should apply for advance courses in animation, which extend from 2 to 3 years. Further these candidates can also go for master course in animation provided by some good colleges. One may also work as a freelance animator by designing websites and doing graphic detailing for advertising companies.

3d Animator Education Requirements:

  • The candidates looking for the job of 3d animator should have a high school diploma with average GED.
  • These candidates may have a bachelor’s degree in any of arts or science stream, but necessarily require a certificate in animation designing.
  • The candidates seeking the job of 3d animators should have a good knowledge of creating 3-dimentional models, storyboarding and match moving.

3d Animator Degrees, Courses And Certifications:

Those candidates who want to be 3d animators can look for the following degree and courses:

  • High school diploma
  • Associate degree or bachelor’s degree in 3d animation
  • Bachelor’s degree program in digital animation
  • One can go for online courses related to animation
  • Master’s degree programs in animation
  • One would also require a certificate of 3d animator after doing 2 to 3 years course

3d Animator Qualifications and Training:

A 3d animator need to be qualified in animation programming by doing the special animation courses of 3 to 4 years which provides them with a bachelor’s degree and certificate, along with this they also need to attain training to gain some experience before working as 3d animator.

A candidate who wants to be 3d animator can start the work as a freelance animator or he can start by designing websites and giving them special visual effects. All this experience and training helps them to attain a post of 3d animator with high earning wages.

3d Animator Colleges and Universities:

3d Animator Wages and Salaries:

A 3d animator can start with the salary of $56,330 and after a good amount of contribution and experience can expect the salary to increase by 12%.

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